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02-12-09 02:31

We are searching journalists ( without experience ) which wish to work at Croutube - Today Journal. You can write Articles in all Areas that we have here. Don`t miss this opportunity!

If you are a young journalist with a lack of experience, but you want to work as a real journalist and you cannot get a chance somewhere, then you can apply here.


We will accept all applications of non-experience journalists, because to us the most important object is your writing and your effort. Not only experience.


We know that young journalists must start somewhere, so we can be your start position in the complicated World of Journalism.


The most important thing to us are your writing, your talent and your inspiration.

If you demonstrate to us your Talent and that you are good in writing, we will take you and you can start earning money as a real Journalist.


Croutube- Today Journal

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